Bespoke 1st paper Anniversary artwork

The sketch:

Making the art out of paper:

Last year Gary and his lovely wife Lian got married after 8 years of being together. On their honeymoon they went to Bath, it was there where they stumbled upon my artwork in Rostra gallery. They were taken back by the piece called 'Knitted fox'. 

For their first anniversary you traditionally give a paper gift which made Gary think of my artwork. I love creating bespoke artwork so when I heard they came across my work on their honeymoon I was thrilled to be able to create a personalised piece of artwork just for them. 

I asked Gary to send me a list of their favourite things: 

Cornwall - rugged coast line - she loves watergate bay
Cornwall - my wife - always says she knows when she is in cornwall as the green is different.
Our Little Family 
Lady Birds
Our ginger cat Doodle
Red squirrels
Foxes- Think she likes ginger things- seeing as I am ginger myself and one of the pieces we have of yours in the fox.

Recently Gary gave the artwork to his wife on their Anniversary as a surprise gift.