Family portrait

This is my first blog post of 2016, so happy belated new year. I know January can a bit of a tough month, but it does seem to be flying by!

I am really excited to share my latest (and favorite) commission to date!

I really love creating artwork for families as I know it means so much to them. The process is a real privilege - learning about the family to ensure that I capture their unique energy and magic within my initial drawings and the final paper art. As I wrap the the final framed piece I always find myself thinking about that special moment when it will later be unwrapped. This one was extra special as it was my own family. 


I was so thrilled to hear how much the family loved it and the impact it had on her Birthday. 

If you like this family portrait and have something in mind for someone close, I would be thrilled to hear your ideas

Natural, wholesome recipes for pure nourishment

I was thrilled to be asked to illustrate ‘Natural’ a fabulous new cookbook published by Parragon. I created a set of paper cut illustrations for the cover and insides of this compendium of wholesome recipes. It was a dream project for a self confessed foodie!

Wedding artwork

Last year my gorgeous friend Holly Clifton Brown married the love of her life Mr Simon Brown. They had the most stunning, down to earth, rustic chic wedding you have ever seen, it was such a fun and beautiful day.

Photographer:   Samuel Docke

Photographer:  Samuel Docke

When it came to the wedding present it of course  had to be a hand crafted paper-cut, I took inspiration from the lady her self and the love they both have for the outside world.  I also used Holly's carefully considered designs she created for the invitations, table plan, and look of the day to influence my artwork.

Photographer:   Samuel Docke

Photographer:  Samuel Docke

Here are some pictures of the artwork in the making,  I used chalk pastels to create a two tones effect on the fern leaf, oats and barley. This is a new technique for me and one I thought was really effective for this particular piece.


It was a joy to create this piece for them, a piece that I know they treasure and has pride of place in their lovely new home together.

Holly's I nstagram picture

If you have been inspired by this post and have a special occasion that deserves a bespoke hand crafter paper art I would love to hear from you.





Cosmic Jellyfish 

This piece was created for my close friend and fellow illustrator Victoria Topping for her 30th Birthday. I have created a few jellyfish pieces now and when ever I make them I think of Victoria as we share a cosmic affection for spectacular and insane sea creatures deep within our souls. Making this piece reminded me of the good times that we spent watching David Attenborough documentaries together in total astonishment at the creatures living in depths of our oceans. 

Recently I have discovered the incredible work of Ernst Haeckel, a philosopher, zoologist and artist who made detailed drawings of deep-sea creatures and microscopic organisms that he encountered throughout his lifetime of study. I have a few of his books and love looking at the detail in his illustrations which seem as precise as they are imaginative, celebrating the beauty of these bizarre marine forms called radiolarians. His work has massively inspired this piece, I can't recommend diving into the marvellous world of his artwork enough.

   So nice to see Vix's  photo  of it hanging in her lovely home!   


So nice to see Vix's photo of it hanging in her lovely home!




Bespoke paper art for two love birds!


It was so much fun making this piece of artwork for two love birds who enjoy exploring the ocean. This thoughtful gift was commissioned by a loving friend. I was so touched to hear she adores my artwork and wanted to create a bespoke piece of art to say a special thank you to two close friends.