Cosmic Jellyfish 

This piece was created for my close friend and fellow illustrator Victoria Topping for her 30th Birthday. I have created a few jellyfish pieces now and when ever I make them I think of Victoria as we share a cosmic affection for spectacular and insane sea creatures deep within our souls. Making this piece reminded me of the good times that we spent watching David Attenborough documentaries together in total astonishment at the creatures living in depths of our oceans. 

Recently I have discovered the incredible work of Ernst Haeckel, a philosopher, zoologist and artist who made detailed drawings of deep-sea creatures and microscopic organisms that he encountered throughout his lifetime of study. I have a few of his books and love looking at the detail in his illustrations which seem as precise as they are imaginative, celebrating the beauty of these bizarre marine forms called radiolarians. His work has massively inspired this piece, I can't recommend diving into the marvellous world of his artwork enough.

   So nice to see Vix's  photo  of it hanging in her lovely home!   


So nice to see Vix's photo of it hanging in her lovely home!




Send Something Beautiful

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.” ~Phyllis Theroux

I am so proud to be involved in this gorgeous 'Send Something Beautiful' fold, print, cut and turn paper collection book by Emily Hogarth. I was so thrilled to be able to contribute three step by step projects which have been beautifully photographed with well layed out instructions and templates to help you make your own card.

As well as my self artist such as Mr Yen, Lynn Hatzius, Marthe Van Herk,  and Freya Lines were featured in the book. 

The book is now available to buy.



Animals Camouflage

Oh my goodness September was a busy month! I really have a lot to fill you in on. 

This has been one of my favourite pieces to work on lately, Bsmall publishing and I are working on a an idea for a new search and find book where kids get to spot all the animals in a detailed paper-cut illustration.

I did this piece all by hand, the level of detail really got quite intense , I loved doing it and really hope that this sample artwork goes down well at Frankfurt book fair. 

Let me know if you can spot all the African animals!