Downloaded Template: Peony Bee Design

IMG_9594 3.JPG
IMG_9594 3.JPG

Downloaded Template: Peony Bee Design


Material’s needed

  • A4 paper, any colour of your choice, weight between 130gms-160gsm

  • Craft knife and blade

  • Cutting matt

  • Metal ruler

  • Double sided foam pads

  • Coloured card to mount paper cut onto

  • If you would like to frame your artwork, look out for a box frame to frame it in.

Here are some helpful steps 

Step one. 

Print your template on the paper of your choice.  When cutting the knife should be held at a 45 degree angle, to create the curved slightly rotate the blade from right to left with your thumb and index finger to create a curved line, try practising these techniques on a scrap piece of paper first. 

Step  two

Cut out the grey shapes, start by cutting the smaller shapes from the middle and working your way to the larger shapes. lastly take a ruler and cut along the outside line of the hexagonal.

Step three 

Select a piece of coloured card to place it on, try out a few options to see what looks best for you. Use double sided sticky pads to attach, this will give the design a bit more depth and a shadow under the paper.

This template is for PERSONAL USE ONLY

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